“Palestinian Arab Shocks Oxford Students with a Pro-Israel Message”

The Oxford debating club is used to hearing speakers bash Israel with lies. This time they were shocked with the truth about Israel and the Jews from a very surprising speaker, a Jordanian Palestinian Arab!

Video [YouTube]: “Mudar Zahran | The Arab World Has Failed The Palestinian People (3/8)” | Oxford Union 

The state of Jordan, originally called TransJordan, was created as an independent entity in 1921 and then became a state in 1946. Before 1921 the land mass of Jordan was part of the British Mandate of Palestine and supposed to be part of the Jewish State for the Jews, that the British were committed to establishing. Let’s call it the East Bank, since it is the Eastern side of the Jordan River. But the British renged on their international commitment to give the land to the Jews and instead gave it to an Arab tribe from Saudi Arabia called the “Hashemites”.

All the people, Jews, Christians and Muslims, who lived on the East Bank were all called “Palestinians” since they were living under the British Mandate of Palestine. Most of the Arab Muslims who lived in that territory at the time were Bedouin “palestinian” Arabs.

The British then handed over 77% of the British Mandate land in 1921 to King Abdullah of the Hashemite tribe from Saudi Arabia. This is what then became known as Jordan. All the Arabs who were previously “palestinians” then became Jordanians. The Hashemites then came and took control of the country, even though they were a minority of the overall Arab Muslim population. You can say that the “palestinian” Arabs have been occupied by the Hashemite tribe outsiders from Saudi Arabia!

After Israel succeeded in defeating the attacking Arab countries that tried to destroy Israel and massacre all in the Jews in 1948, around 2 million additional “palestinian” Arabs living on the West bank of the Jordan river ran away to live in Jordan.

To this day, “palestinian” Arab in Jordan are treated like second class citizens as the speaker tells the Oxford students.

The hypocrisy of the anti-Israel activists is that they are not pro-“palestinian”, they are anti-Israel. If they were truly pro-“palestinian” they would be active in achieving equal rights for those “palestinian” Arabs who are treated as second class citizens in Arab countries, like Jordan. Because in reality, the Arab Muslims who live in Israel are the most blessed Arab Muslims in the whole Middle East.