Dit weekeinde zijn een reeks bezwarende foto’s opgedoken in de Daily Mail van de leider van de Britse socialisten (Labour) Jeremy Corbyn. Daarop is te zien hoe Corbyn in 2014 in Tunesië een krans vasthoudt bij een kransneerlegging voor de Palestijnse terroristen die in 1972 elf Israëlische atleten doodden tijdens de Olympische Spelen in München.
Ik was aanwezig bij die kranslegging, maar ik denk niet dat ik er feitelijk bij betrokken was.’ Zo reageerde de Britse Labourleider Jeremy Corbyn op de publicatie van een foto in de Daily Mail. …

“Corbyn slammed for wreath-laying at Palestinian terrorist memorial”

UK Labour chief Jeremy Corbyn faces fresh criticism over anti-Semitism after photos reveal him laying a wreath at memorial for Palestinian terrorists. By: The Algemeiner

UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn — longed dogged by anti-Semitism accusations — is facing a fresh round of criticism and calls for his resignation following the publication this weekend of photos that appear to show him laying a wreath at a memorial in Tunisia for Palestinian terrorists who perpetrated the 1972 Munich Massacre.

“If this was the leader of any other major political party, he or she would be gone by now,” Home Secretary Sajid Javid — of the ruling Conservative Party — tweeted in response to the Daily Mail report.

Jewish Leadership Council Chairman Jonathan Goldstein called Corbyn’s action “despicable,” The Jewish Chronicle reported.

“It is reprehensible that the man who wishes to be our prime minister honored ruthless terrorists who committed an act described by the late King Hussein of Jordan as ‘a savage crime against humanity,’” Goldstein was quoted as saying.

“This man is not fit to be a member of parliament, let alone a national leader. He has spent his entire political career cavorting with conspiracy theorists, terrorists and revolutionaries who seek to undo all the good for which our ancestors have given their lives.”

“In so many ways, ‘Enough is Enough,’” Goldstein concluded.

This is not the first time Corbyn’s Tunisia 2014 visit has been put under a spotlight. Last year, as reported by The Algemeiner, top UK Jewish officials expressed concern over a Sunday Times report that Jeremy Corbyn took part in an event at a Tunisian cemetery during which dead Palestinian terrorists were honored.

In July of this year, three British Jewish newspapers, after a spate of new antisemitism scandals linked to Corbyn, said that there would be an “existential threat to Jewish life in this country” if the Labour leader became prime minister.

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“Hamas ‘salutes’ Jeremy Corbyn as fresh links with Islamist group emerge”

Hamas has pledged its support for ­Jeremy Corbyn as more evidence emerged on Monday of his long-running links to the Islamist group.

Praising the Labour leader for his political activism, Hamas, which was recently proscribed by the European Court of Justice, declared “we salute Jeremy Corbyn’s supportive positions to the Palestinians”.

However, the message of support, posted on the group’s official Twitter page, stopped short of calling for Mr Corbyn to be elected prime minister, stating that it respected “the choice of the British people”.

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