To the attention of H.E. Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament

To the attention of H.E. Frans Timmermans, First Vice-president of the European Commission


Your Excellency,

Ms Ana Gomes, from the Portuguese Socialist Party, who was at the initiative of Mr. Barghouti’s invitation (leader and founder of the anti-Israel BDS movement) to speak at the European Parliament has recently made some offensive remarks towards the Jewish civil society organizations of Europe naming them “perverse” and “evil”.

Nowadays anti-Semitism is often being disguised as Anti-Zionism, but this is only a subterfuge, in order to misuse it as Freedom of speech and unlimited criticism of the State of Israel.

The fact that the European Coordinator to combat anti-Semitism, Mrs von Schnurbein, is calling out Ms. Gomes’ comments for exactly what they are, purely anti-Semitic, is not only her duty but what logic commands in the fight against “Europe’s most malicious disease”.

Mrs von Schnurbein has completed her task pertinently and we are convinced that she will continue to do so with the same readiness and dedication in the future.


Sincerely Yours,

Philippe Markiewicz, President Central Israelite Consistory of Belgium

Raphael Werner, President FORUM of Jewish Organisations

Willy Kahan, President B’nai B’rith Antwerp

Eli Ringer, Executive Vice-Chairman  FORUM of Jewish Organisations



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