Een deel van de antisemitische "tentoonstelling" in Amsterdam (screenshot)Israeli Tourist Stunned by Anti-Semitic Street Display in Heart of Amsterdam (VIDEO)

An Israeli tourist in Holland expressed shock and dismay on Tuesday after he came across a large street display in the center of Amsterdam presenting Jews and Israelis as killers, the 0404 News site said.

“Amazing! In the center of Amsterdam you see such wild incitement,” the Israeli noted in the video clip.

“It’s strange that the local police do not do anything – this is clear incitement to harm Jews,” he said.

The dozens of photographs of Israeli leaders, military personnel and others, most illustrated with an “X” across their faces left little room for doubt.

Open hostility to Jews and Israel is rampant in many locations in Holland, particularly among the country’s Muslim population, a phenomena readily seen in many other European countries. …

In August, during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, one Jewish activist told The Algemeiner that “Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism [are] one for a lot of people – and they are expressing that in many ways right now. There is particularly a lot going on on social media; some people in the Jewish community are receiving threats, including me, on social media.”

On Nov. 21, a Dutch journal noted that a local court threw out a case against the “Totalitarian Art Gallery” for selling several antique copies of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

“The public prosecution department said Michiel van Eyck should be fined €1,000 for selling the book. Although owning the book is legal in the Netherlands, it is not legal to sell it,” the paper reported.

The court, in its decision, asserted that “a conviction would be going too far and is not necessary in order to protect Jews against discrimination and hatred.”

Dutch News noted that the shop also sells other Nazi-era memorabilia, alongside “relics of Stalin’s rule in Russia and China under Mao.”

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Algemeiner – foto: deel van de antisemitische “tentoonstelling” in Amsterdam (screenshot)