Israelische Premier Benjamin NetanyahuPM Netanyahu’s Remarks at the End of the Security Cabinet Meeting – 11/11/2014

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks at the end of the Security Cabinet meeting this evening :
“We are in the midst of a campaign of incitement and terrorism directed against the State of Israel and its citizens. This campaign has continued since the foundation of the state and even before then. We have defeated terrorism until today and we will defeat it this time as well.

I convened the Security Cabinet a short while ago and updated it on the decisions we made following consultations with security elements – with the IDF, the ISA and the Israel Police. These steps include increasing forces on the ground throughout the country in order to boost your security, citizens of Israel; the demolition of terrorists’ homes;, a strong hard and more severe punishment of those who throw stones, bottles, fireworks and firebombs; fines for the parents of children and young people who throw stones; the outlawing of those elements that are stirring up unrest in Jerusalem; and other measures. …

The terrorism being directed against us knows no borders. It is trying to uproot us from all parts of the country. From the terrorists’ point-of-view, we do not need to be in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Gush Etzion or anywhere. They will not succeed. Even the attempt by extremist Islamic elements to ignite the ground and cause a religious war will not succeed. We are determined to take all possible action against incitement and escalation; we will take vigorous action against the terrorists.

To my regret, Abu Mazen is not a partner in this effort. On the contrary, today, Abu Mazen has again proven that he is irresponsible. Instead of calming the situation he is inflaming it. Instead of speaking the truth, he is disseminating lies to the effect that we intend, or are operating in some way, to change the status of the holy places – this is a gross lie. Instead of educating his people for peace, Abu Mazen is educating them for terrorism. The sad thing is that the international community that rushes to condemn every balcony that we build in our capital city, simply ignores this wild incitement of Abu Mazen’s and thus it encourages him to continue actions that could ignite the entire Middle East.

I would like to call on Israel’s Arab citizens – Do not be swept away by propaganda and incitement. Don’t be swept away by an inflamed minority. You are citizens with equal rights and equal obligations, and the first obligation of any citizen is to respect the law.

Citizens of Israel, I promise you that we will take determined, responsible, balanced and successful action against the terrorism and incitement. Against waves of hatred, we are strong and certain. We are level-headed and we have deep faith in the justice of our cause. We will be victorious in this battle as well.

On behalf of Israel’s citizens, I would like to send condolences to the families of those who were murdered and best wishes for a complete recovery to the wounded. This is the time to unite and come together. The more unified and united we are, the stronger we are.”

Prime Ministers Office of Israel – foto: Israelische Premier Benjamin Netanyahu