Jean Bricmont “Belgium: Physicist says Holocaust is lucrative business and global religion”

Jean Bricmont is a Professor of physics at the Catholic University of Louvain and a member of the prestigious Royal Academy of Science, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium and is well-known for his obsessive interest in Jews, Zionism, Israel, the “lobby”, the “zionisation of the American mind” etc. He relentlessly posts on his Facebook page and gives lectures about these pet subjects. His prestigious posts and high standing in Belgian society and academic world give the lie to all those who pretend that nobody is allowed to criticize Jews, Zionism, Israel, the lobby etc. without suffering dire consequences. Such is the power of intimidation that … he is never criticised – well nobody dares to criticize him to be precise. On the contrary he is honoured, praised and feted. …


The amount of anti-Israel/Jew/Zionist stuff he comes up with and in turn churns out is absolutely amazing. Phenomenal. A couple of days ago, Jean Bricmont spotted a very moving speech given by former French P.M. François Fillon in Israel in January 2014. Bricmont immediately jumped to the conclusion that there must be something fishy behind Mr. Fillon’s sympathy for Israel and quoted excerpts of the speech adding his personal comment: ‘Don’t tell me that this religion [the Holocaust] is not “useful'”.

By way of explanation, Prof. Bricmont linked to an absolutely disgusting article by an Algerian (Chems Eddine Chitour) entitled: The Holocaust: cash pump and global religion.

Facebook post van Jean Bricmont op 19 oktober 2014

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