Minister of Foreign Affairs A. LibermanBrief vanwege Israëlische Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Avigdor Liberman aan zijn collega’s ministers van Buitenlandse Zaken – July 9, 2014

“Dear colleague,

As you are probably aware, Israel this week began a military operation in Gaza, in respons to ongoing Hamas rocket fire. The latest round of rocket fire began June 12th, the day that three Israeli teenagers were abducted and murdered. The Hamas shooting escalated significantly June 30th, even before the bodies of the teens were found and before the murder of a Palestinian youth, which was condemned sharply by the entire Israeli leadership, and whose murderers are already held in custody.

Over the past three weeks, the Hamas terror organization has escalated its attack on Israeli civilians, launching nearly 300 rockets at our cities – including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and other major metropolitan areas – putting millions of Israeli lives at risk….”

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