The United Nations Human Rights Council“Israeli Wins UN Job Via Secret Ballot” by Shalom Bear – The Jewish

It seems that the only way for Israel to advance in the UN is for the Arabs to not know which countries support it.

Mordechai Amihai was elected as Vice-Chair of the UN’s fourth committee, also known as the Special Political and Decolonization Committee.

The unusual decision to hold a secret ballot was made after the Arab states protested Amihai’s nomination and, quite strangely, demanded the vote be secret, presuming they would do better that way.

Amihai received 79 votes, 34 more than required to win the seat….

Amihai’s appointment, which by itself would be a blow to the Arab states who try to keep Israel off of all UN committees, is an even larger blow, as this committee deals with decolonization, Palestinian refugees and human rights, peacekeeping, mine action, outer space, public information, atomic radiation and University for Peace.

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