Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the Europan Commission and Commissioner in charge of Industry and Entrepreneurship will be in Israel on Monday for a two-day 'Mission for Growth'Europese Commissie vicevoorzitter Tajani brengt 65 EU bedrijven en organisaties naar Israël om de EU-Israël relaties te versterken

BRUSSELS (EJP)—European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani will bring Monday 65 industry associations and companies representatives from 17 EU member states to Israel in order to strengthen already flourishing business relations between the EU and Israel and exploring further opportunities for cooperation between European and Israeli SMEs.

Tajani’s two-day visit to Israel, titled “Mission for Growth,” reflects the EU’s belief that there remains untapped potential for new synergies in bilateral relations.

The mission, which follows similar visits by the Commissioner to Russia and China, targets numerous industry sectors, such as space technologies, information and communication technology and tourism. Innovative and environmental technologies will also be key topics on the agenda. …


”The overall objective of this Mission is to enhance European industry’s growth and competitiveness by better exploring the growth potential of Israel’s dynamic economy,” said the office of the Italian Commissioner who is in charge of Industry and Entrepreneurship.

”Israel and the EU have a strong mutual interest in increasing bilateral business relations and market integration to further promote innovation, boost sustainable growth and create jobs,” it said.

As the Vice-President’s visit will coincide with the Water Technology and Environment Control Conference (WATEC) in Tel Aviv, green and sustainable growth will also be one of the important topics on the agenda. He will exchange views on boosting green and sustainable growth both in Israel and in the EU with Israeli Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Silvan Shalom.

There is great potential for cooperation in this area because Israel resides in an area suffering from a shortage of water, which has inspired local entrepreneurs to come up with many novel innovations in water and agricultural technologies.

Tajani will also meet with Israeli President Peres and key Israeli government ministers with whom he will discuss and sign letters of intent on strengthening cooperation on industrial policy.

On Monday, he will meet Israel’s Minister of Science, Technology and Space, Yaakov Perry, and sign an administrative arrangement on cooperation in the field of satellite Navigation with the ministry and the Israel Space Agency.

On Tuesday, he will discuss expanding tourism cooperation between the EU and Israel with the Minister of Tourism, and meet with Minister of Economy Naftali Bennett, with whom he will open an EU-Israel Business Round Table and sign a “letter of intent” on industrial cooperation and on Small and Medium Enterprises.

The European Union and Israel share a long common history, marked by growing interdependence and cooperation. Both share the same values of democracy, a respect for freedom and rule of law and are committed to an open international economic system based on market principles.

Israeli political, industrial, commercial and scientific leaders maintain close links to Europe. Over five decades of trade, cultural exchanges, political cooperation and a developed system of agreements have reinforced these relations.

The EU and Israel are linked by an Association Agreement since June 2000. Israel is also included in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) which offers the perspective of moving beyond cooperation to a significant degree of integration through a stake in the EU’s internal market and the possibility for Israel to participate in key aspects of EU policies and programmes.

EU exports to Israel reached 17 billion euros in 2012, while EU imports from Israel amounted to 12.6 billion euros.