Rabbijn Ovadia Yosef - 1920-2013 (Israel)Rabbi Ovadia Yosef dies at 93

Shas’ spiritual leader dies in Jerusalem hospital after suffering major deterioration overnight; Hundreds of thousands expected to take part in funeral

Ynet reporters – Published:  10.07.13, 13:29 / Israel News

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, 93, Shas’s spiritual leader and a leading Halacha figure, passed away at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem on Monday, the hospital’s director Dr. Yuval Weiss said.

His family and close colleagues, including several Shas leaders and President Shimon Peres were by  his side. …


The rabbi will be laid to rest at a cemetery in Jerusalem’s Sanhedria neighborhood alongside his wife, Rabbanit Margalit Yosef, in what will likely be one of the largest funerals ever to be held in Israel. Hundreds of thousands are set to take part in the funeral which is set to begin at 6 pm.

The rabbi’s condition deteriorated overnight and his family members were called to the hospital earlier on Monday.

Rabbi Yosef has been in and out of hospital several times over the past few months. Some two weeks ago he was admitted to the Hadassah Ein Kerem’s Intensive Care Unit and has been in serious condition since. He suffered from heart and kidney problems and was given a pace-maker. On Sunday it was decided to put him under anesthesia and on a respirator.

MK Eli Yishai stepped outside the hospital, recited a Jewish blessing and then broke down into tears.

“How will we remain alone. Who will lead us,” said Arieh Deri, another Shas leader, as he sobbed uncontrollably.

Yosef has been called the Posek HaDor (the generation’s leading religious arbiter) and Maran (master) by his supporters, and a divisive and polemic figure by his detractors.

Rabbi Yosef, 93, is survived by 11 children and a great many grandchildren. Some members of his extended family serve in senior positions in Shas and the educational and social establishments founded by the party. ….

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