President Shimon PeresPeres : “It is not something celebratory that I grew by a year, but it is a good opportunity to show the world Israel’s accomplishments, and for this I am happy.

Volg de festiviteiten op The Israeli Network (Telenet) – dinsdag 18 juni  20u50 – PRESIDENT SHIMON PERES’ 90TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS

One of the hottest tickets of the year in Israel will be the fifth Israeli Presidential Conference, hosted by Shimon Peres, in Jerusalem starting on June 18. The event gathers politicians, thinkers, artists, and businessmen from throughout the world and to discuss the major issues facing the planet today including geopolitics, economics, society, environment, culture, identity, education, new media and more. …

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Daybreak: Shimon Peres’ Big Birthday
“Barbra Streisand and Bill Clinton toast Israel’s president on his 90th birthday”

The birthday isn’t until August 2, but the celebration is this week. Israeli President Shimon Peres is turning 90 and there’s no shortage of big names heading to Israel to celebrate the world’s oldest head of state. …

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Moge hij gezegend zijn en tot 120 leven! Bis 120!

Ynetnews – foto: Shimon Peres [Donald Woodrow]