Barbra Streisand arrives in Israel“Barbra Streisand arrives in Israel” – Or Barnea

Legendary American singer’s private plane lands at Ben-Gurion Airport ahead of her participation in President Peres’ 90th birthday celebrations, two concerts in Tel Aviv. Her first stop: Western Wall

The diva has landed: Legendary American singer Barbra Streisand arrived in Israel on Sunday evening ahead of her participation in President Shimon Peres’ 90th birthday celebrations and two planned concerts at Tel Aviv’s Bloomfield Stadium.

Streisand landed at Ben-Gurion Airport shortly after 6:30 pm on her private plane, accompanied by nearly 150 guests, musicians and crew members.

From the airport she headed to Jerusalem’s King David Hotel, where she will stay for the next two days. During the rest of her visit, she will be staying at the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv.

Immediately after arriving at the Jerusalem hotel, Streisand and her entourage were already on their way to the Western Wall. …,7340,L-4393149,00.html

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