screenshot interview moslim tieners NederlandDutch TV shocked by Muslim teens hatred who say Hitler should’ve killed all Jews

Published on Mar 5, 2013

Muslim teenagers say that Hitler should’ve killed all Jewish people on a Netherlands Dutch TV show. The interviewers are shocked. I am not shocked one bit.

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Liberal Progressive Socialists scream Islamophobia when Gert Wilders said that Islam is intolerant and would never fit into civilized western European society. Of course anyone with a brain knew this was true. Gert Wilders was even charged for saying this as a hate crime, which later on he was vindicated. Wilders was correct. Islam teaches Moslems to be intolerant, not only towards Jews, but towards other people including atheists, Christians and other non-Muslims.

Yet Liberal Social Democrats never asked Muslims what they thought of Jews. Even some Liberal Jews in the West have come to the defense of Muslims and Islam in the West…and what did the get? Muslims want to kill them and annihilate them all, not just the religious Jews…but ALL Jews.

The Netherlands had a significant Jewish population before WW II and they were murdered by Hitler in vast numbers. Now Liberal immigration has brought in millions of Muslims in an effort to have a diverse multicultural society, but they didn’t realize that Muslim culture is ANTI-SEMITIC, racist and anti-west.

Attacks on Jews is ramping up in the UK, USA, Norway, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Denmark and all over Europe and the western world…and the majority of those attacks are done by Muslims who are just reacting from their Islamic upbringing and the hateful Quran and words of Muhammad.

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