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Volgens NGO Monitor is dit het geschatte bedrag betaald door de Europese Unie voor 50 Israëlische politieke NGO’s.

“Transparante bemoeizucht, ondoorzichtige financiering: de EU en de NGO’s”
De terughoudendheid van EU-ambtenaren om hun financiering van Israëlische en Palestijnse NGO’s toe te lichten zou kunnen voortkomen uit angst van de EU voor de openbare kritiek op haar rol in de vervreemding van miljoenen Israëli’s – die neokolonialistische pogingen om deze NGO’s te gebruiken om de Israëlische democratie te manipuleren verwerpen.

“… Indeed, instead of peace, European funding has added to the violence and conflict. In 1999, the Mothers Movement used their EU grant to finance a political campaign that played a central role in the Israeli unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000 (in this very limited sense, the EU policy succeeded).  But then Hezbollah’s attacks increased, eventually leading to the 2006 war. It would not look good for EU officials to be seen as having been even partly responsible (by acting irresponsibly) for these events.

Similarly, European officials understandably fear public criticism of their role in alienating millions of Israelis who reject the neo-colonialist effort to use groups like Peace Now to manipulate Israeli democracy. €600 million from European taxpayers allows their well-compensated lawyers and public relations firms to flood the courts with frivolous political lawsuits, and to travel around the world campaigning against Israel.  This European infringement on Israeli sovereignty has become a hot issue, and Israeli politicians have competed and continue to compete for support through legislation designed to curtail such meddling.  …”

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