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In Prague, Netanyahu Thanks Czech PM for “Standing Up for the Truth”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Czech Republic Prime Minister Petr Ne?as in Prague Wednesday and thanked him for his country’s support of Israel at the UN. The Czech Republic was the only European country to vote against the Palestinian Authority’s bid for upgraded status last week.

“Thank you for your country’s opposition to the one-sided resolution at the United Nations; thank you for your friendship; thank you for your courage,” Netanyahu told Ne?as.

Ahead of the UN vote last week the Czech administration voiced its opposition to upgrading the PA’s status to non-observer state, with Foreign Minister Vit Kolar saying, “We disagree with any unilateral steps that could harm or threaten the peace process leading to a two-states solution.”

“We remain committed, as you said, to a negotiated settlement between us and our Palestinian neighbors,” Netanyahu continued, “That solution is a two-state solution for two peoples, a peace in which a demilitarized Palestinian state recognizes the one and only Jewish State of Israel.  Unfortunately, on Thursday, the Palestinians asked the world to give them a state without providing Israel with peace and security in return.”

Netanyahu concluded his statement by saying, “Thank you for standing up for the truth; thank you for standing up for decency; and thank you for standing up for peace.  Thank you.” [Bron: “The Algemeiner”]

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