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CEJI Condemns Hungarian Legislator for Proposing List of Jews in Government

CEJI vehemently condemns the remarks in the Hungarian Parliament this week by Jobbik MP Marton Gyongyosi who called for public authorities to draw up a list of Jews in government positions as they pose a “national security risk”.

This is a shocking reminder of Nazi policies from a country in which more than 500,000 Jews were killed during the Holocaust. Despite later condemnations by opposition parties and the government spokesperson, the fact that there was not an immediate outcry during the Parliamentary section is deeply disturbing.

“Traditional antisemitism is once again shrouded behind the farce of modern day political rhetoric” says CEJI Director Robin Sclafani, “and we cannot stand idly by while someone uses public platform to promote hateful ideas and discriminatory policies.”

CEJI calls upon the Hungarian government to be accountable for the current climate of bigotry in their country which is increasingly antisemitic and anti-Roma. Hungary should implement European and national legislation against all forms of racism and discrimination, hate speech and incitement.

CEJI calls on European institutions to give Hungary the clear message that fundamental rights are an essential responsibility for European Union membership.
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