Sample ImageBlair: “Quartet is working to end Gaza conflict”

President Peres says Israel has no ambition to conquer land, blames Iran for promoting terrorism in the Middle East.

The Quartet is working with the US, the UN and Egypt to bring a cessation of hostilities on a sustainable basis that will stop missiles from coming to Israel, Quartet Middle East envoy Tony Blair told President Shimon Peres in a meeting at the President’s Residence on Monday.

While Israelis are suffering, Gazans are also suffering, Blair said.

What is needed, he said, is a constructive approach to peace that is lasting and durable.

“We don’t need another upheaval,” Blair added. Adding that what the Quartet is interested in is not just a solution to the Gaza problem, but also that of Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Peres noted that the Quartet have been very helpful in its support for Israel and in restraining the other side in the current Gaza conflict, and stated that Blair had a hand in this position.

The firing has to be stopped, said Peres. Though he admitted to being surprised by the stand taken by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who he said is playing a very positive role which Israel appreciates, but Hamas does not.

Israel has no ambitions to conquer land, Peres added, as he stressed the importance of stopping the firing of rockets from Gaza and the introduction of a deterrence to prevent the renewal of rocket firing.

Peres blamed Iran for the ongoing tensions, saying that Iran presents not only a terrorist threat by pursuing its nuclear program, but is also promoting terrorist strategies and training, and is supplying money to terrorist activity throughout the Middle East.

By GREER FAY CASHMAN – 19/11/2012 – JP

JP – Photo by: REUTERS/Muhammad