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maandag 8 dec 2014
Koningin FabiolaMet diepe droefenis heeft het Forum kennis genomen van het heengaan van Koningin Fabiola.

Met haar overlijden verliest België een zeer innemende, hartelijke en tevens markante persoonlijkheid.

Koningin Fabiola betekende zeer veel voor de Joodse Gemeenschap.
Zo kwam zij de nabestaande familieleden troosten van diegenen die omkwamen bij de bomaanslag in de diamantwijk in 1981. Zij bracht ook een bezoek aan de gewonden in het ziekenhuis.

Samen met haar echtgenoot, wijlen Koning Boudewijn, stelde zij alles in het werk om jong en oud, en vooral de minstbedeelden en de zwaksten van onze maatschappij te steunen en aan te moedigen. De manier waarop zij dit deed strekt tot voorbeeld voor velen.

Het Forum betuigt haar diepste blijk van medeleven aan Z.H. Koning Filip en Z.M. Koningin Mathilde en het Koninghuis.

woensdag 26 nov 2014
Bron:  MFA.gov.il - foto: Israëlisch Ambassadeur Ron Prosor aan de VN - 24/11/2014 [UN/Amanda Voisard]

Israëlisch Ambassadeur Ron Prosor aan de VN - 24/11/2014 [UN/Amanda Voisard]Amb Prosor addresses UNGA on the Question of Palestine - 24 Nov 2014

To the nations that continue to allow prejudice to prevail over truth, I say "J'accuse." I accuse you of hypocrisy. I accuse you of duplicity. I accuse you of lending legitimacy to those who seek to destroy our State.

"Mr. President,

I stand before the world as a proud representative of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. I stand tall before you knowing that truth and morality are on my side. And yet, I stand here knowing that today in this Assembly, truth will be turned on its head and morality cast aside.

The fact of the matter is that when members of the international community speak about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a fog descends to cloud all logic and moral clarity. The result isn't realpolitik, its surrealpolitik. ...

dinsdag 25 nov 2014
Bron:  Aish.com / foto: Rab. Lord Jonathan Sacks (screenshot)

Rab. Lord Jonathan Sacks (screenshot)"To Be Free, Let Go of Hate" - Straight talk in Britain's House of Lords
Rabbi Sacks spoke in the House of Lords on October 30, 2014

At the outset I declare an interest. I am a Jew. Israel is therefore for me the place where my people were born almost four thousand years ago, the place to which Abraham and Sarah travelled, where Amos voiced his vision of social justice and Isaiah dreamed of a world at peace, where David composed the Psalms and Solomon built the Temple – and this had consequences not only for Jews but also for Christians and Muslims, who claim Abraham as their ancestor in faith, and whose God they take as their own.

This had tragic repercussions throughout the Middle Ages, because Christians and Muslims claimed, each in their own way, to have replaced Jews as the people of God and thus as heirs to the Holy Land. The otherwise saintly Augustine declared that Jews were cursed with the fate of Cain, destined to be restless wanderers on Earth without a home. Islam held that any land that ever came under Muslim rule was henceforth and forever Dar Al Islam, that is, land that rightly belongs to the Umma, the Muslim people, any other rule being illegitimate. On both of these theologies, Jews had no right to their ancestral home. ...

maandag 24 nov 2014
Bron:  i24news/Arutz7 - foto: Israëlische Premier Netanyahu tijdens het interview voor i24news 23/11/2014 (screenshot)

Israëlische Premier Netanyahu tijdens het interview voor i24news 23/11/2014 (screenshot)Exclusief interview door i24news: Israëlische Premier Netanyahu spreekt over immigratie, terrorisme en diplomatieke betrekkingen.

"Bien sûr que le vote du Parlement français nous inquiète (...) c'est même irresponsable", a déclaré Benyamin Netanyahou aux journalistes d'i24news, précisant que la reconnaissance d'un Etat palestinien par la France serait une grave erreur.

Le Premier ministre israélien faisait référence au vote du Parlement français, qui doit se tenir le 2 décembre prochain.

"Ce que la France veut faire, c'est donner aux Palestiniens un Etat, sans paix, pour qu'ils puissent continuer à faire la guerre", a encore dit Netanyahou.

Le Premier ministre a expliqué qu'à chaque fois que l'Etat hébreu avait donné des territoires aux Palestiniens, l'Iran - au travers des islamistes - s'y introduisait, et que des milliers de roquettes étaient tirées sur les villes israéliennes.

"Quelqu'un à Paris s'en inquiète-t-il ?", s'est interrogé Netanyahou.

"Chaque parcelle de terre d'où Israël s'est retiré est devenue un bastion de l'islamisme (...) regardez ce qu'il se passe à Gaza", a-t-il encore dit aux journalistes d'i24news. ...

maandag 17 nov 2014
Bron:  JTA / Reuters - foto: Amerikaanse Ambassadeur aan de VN, Samantha Power

Amerikaanse Ambassadeur aan de VN, Samantha Power"Make no mistake – we have a problem," said Samantha Power at he Berlin OSCE Conference.

(JTA) — Rising anti-Semitism in Europe threatens not only Jews but overall European values, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said at a conference on anti-Semitism in Berlin.

The event, which concluded Thursday, was organized by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe to mark the 10th anniversary of the first OSCE conference on anti-Semitism and its concluding declaration, which underscored that political events in the Middle East were no excuse for hate crimes.

That admonition of 2004 remains relevant today, Power said, adding that "robust steps must be taken" to combat the problem....

woensdag 12 nov 2014
Bron:  Prime Ministers Office of Israel - foto: Israelische Premier Benjamin Netanyahu
Israelische Premier Benjamin NetanyahuPM Netanyahu's Remarks at the End of the Security Cabinet Meeting - 11/11/2014

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks at the end of the Security Cabinet meeting this evening :
"We are in the midst of a campaign of incitement and terrorism directed against the State of Israel and its citizens. This campaign has continued since the foundation of the state and even before then. We have defeated terrorism until today and we will defeat it this time as well.

I convened the Security Cabinet a short while ago and updated it on the decisions we made following consultations with security elements – with the IDF, the ISA and the Israel Police. These steps include increasing forces on the ground throughout the country in order to boost your security, citizens of Israel; the demolition of terrorists' homes;, a strong hard and more severe punishment of those who throw stones, bottles, fireworks and firebombs; fines for the parents of children and young people who throw stones; the outlawing of those elements that are stirring up unrest in Jerusalem; and other measures. ...

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