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vrijdag 19 jun 2015
Bron:  JPost / Le Petit Hebdo - foto: Britse Handels-secretaris Sajid Javid [Wikipedia]

Britse Handels-secretaris Sajid Javid"New UK business minister vows to expand trade with Israel, slams BDS" - JPost

"I do not believe in boycotts, nor, I am proud to say, does my party, my prime minister or, for the most, part my country."

Newly appointed Business Secretary Sajid Javid condemned Britain's National Union of Students on Monday for supporting a boycott of Israel, declaring bluntly that the group's recent move to join the BDS movement was not only an isolated view, but one that the government and most of the country did not share.

Addressing UK Israel Business – the bilateral chamber of commerce between the two nations – at its annual awards dinner, Javid added that the student union's rejection of a motion calling for a boycott of Islamic State last year "spoke volumes."...

vrijdag 12 jun 2015
Bron:  The Weekly Standard / United with Israel - foto: Wapentraining in een woonwijk in Gaza [Wissam Nassar_Flash 90]

Weapons training in a residential neighborhood in Gaza [Wissam Nassar_Flash 90]Geen enkel leger treedt met zoveel voorzichtigheid op als de IDF. Nu wordt IDF er zelfs van beschuldigd "te voorzichtig" geweest te zijn. Nu ligt de lat te hoog voor de andere democratische landen wanneer zij geconfronteerd zouden worden met dezelfde asymmetrische situatie.

"Israel's Military Accused of Being Too Careful to Avoid Civilian Casualties" 

The Israeli army is being faulted by international military experts for setting a dangerous precedent and high standard that other armies cannot meet.

New research into the IDF's actions during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza reveals that the army was outstandingly sensitive when it came to warning citizens of pending attacks on terror targets in their vicinity.

The Weekly Standard  published a feature on the IDF's international law unit, describing the lengths to which the IDF and its legal division went in order to avoid civilian casualties when carrying out airstrikes on confirmed terror targets. ...

dinsdag 9 jun 2015

Acties om Israëlische bedrijven en producten via "Boycot, Desinvestering en Sancties" (BDS) te schaden blijken vooralsnog het tegenovergestelde te bereiken. 
Is 'het effect van BDS' meer psychologisch ?

Of is het tegengestelde waar?

 Hebben de sancties die de BDS-beweging voorstaat UW BUSINESS schade toegebracht ?
-  Hebt U een aanzienlijke dip gezien in uw verkopen na de BDS-acties ?
-  Hebt U persoonlijk schade ondervonden door de BDS-campagnes ?

Neem contact op met het FORUM en laat het ons weten.
Email naar fjo@fjo.be of bel naar 03-2315848.

maandag 1 jun 2015
Bron:  FJO / Times of Israel - foto: STOP THE BDS/Support Israel logo [Twitter]

Het Forum der Joodse Organisaties heeft op 19/5/2015 een schrijven gericht naar enkele ordetekenaars van de BACBI compagne om hen aan te sporen Israël op een meer objectieve wijze te oordelen. Tot hiertoe zonder antwoord gebleven. (zie brief "Waarom twee maten en gewichten" hierbij)

Hieronder vindt U eveneens een opiniestuk van W. Wolsztajn gepubliceerd in Times of Israel op 27/05/2015

"BACBI: une campagne indigne, absurde et hypocrite" 

Un groupe d'universitaires belges vient de lancer une campagne de boycott intellectuel et culturel d'Israël. Intitulée Belgian Campaign for an Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (BACBI), elle s'inscrit dans le cadre de Boycott-Désinvestissements-Sanctions, mouvement international initié voici 10 ans par un consortium d'associations palestiniennes. ...

donderdag 23 apr 2015
Bron:  Arutz7/israelnationalnews.com - foto: journalist Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meotti"Op-Ed: Why Israel is the World's Best Nation" By Giulio Meotti - Arutz 7

With all the accusations hurled at us, it is good to see a "righteous Gentile" who appreciates the uniqueness of Israel in the family of nations.

I don't know another nation on earth which since its founding, than seventy years ago, had to sacrifice 23,000 soldiers.

I don't know another nation on earth without recognized borders.

I don't know another nation on earth whose population lives under a perpetual emotional strain.

I don't know another nation on earth threatened to be wiped off the map.

I don't know another nation on earth so threatened by boycotts all over the world.

I don't know another nation on earth where the winners tend to lose wars.

I don't know another nation on earth which provides its own enemy with water, electricity, food, weapons, and medical treatment. ...

donderdag 26 mrt 2015
Bron:  NY Times/Ynet - foto: Palestinians fire rockets at Israel from Gaza during last summer's conflict [AFP]

Palestinians fire rockets at Israel from Gaza during last summer's conflict. (Photo: AFP)"Amnesty International Sees Evidence of Palestinian War Crimes in 2014 Gaza Conflict" - New York Times 

Amnesty International has accused armed Palestinian groups, including the military wing of Hamas, of displaying "a flagrant disregard for the lives of civilians" during the 50-day war in Gaza last summer. In a report published early Thursday it said there was evidence that several deadly Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks amounted to war crimes.

The 63-page report came a week before a formal Palestinian accession to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, due to take effect on April 1. Palestinian officials have said that they plan to file a complaint against Israel for alleged war crimes during the last Gaza war and for settlement activity.

An Amnesty International report published in November accused Israel of war crimes in its campaign against Hamas in the Gaza Strip last summer, saying its military showed "callous indifference" to civilians in airstrikes on homes, some of which devastated entire families.

This latest report by the London-based human rights organization focuses on the firing by Palestinian groups of thousands of rockets and mortars toward civilian areas in Israel, as well as the conduct of the armed groups within the Gaza Strip that, according to the report, endangered Palestinian civilians. ...

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