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donderdag 15 dec 2016
Bron:  NPO2 / Hans Knoop - Foto - MAX/Elmer van der Marel

UPDATE: NPO 2 pakt brons op prime time met De Zaak Menten

De kijkcijfers van woensdag 23 november 2016 (SKO)

De driedelige MAX-serie De Zaak Menten is woensdagavond met 982.000 kijkers van start gegaan op NPO 2. Daarmee zette de dramaserie ruim 15 procent marktaandeel neer. Dat blijkt uit cijfers van Stichting KijkOnderzoek. De Zaak Menten, gebaseerd op het waargebeurde verhaal van journalist Hans Knoop die op oorlogsmisdadiger Pieter Menten jaagt, was de derde meest bekeken uitzending op prime time. Alleen het voetbal op Veronica en DNA Onbekend op NPO 1 deden het beter.  http://www.mediacourant.nl/2016/11/npo-2-pakt-brons-op-prime-time-met-de-zaak-menten/

"De Zaak Menten" - Het drieluik De Zaak Menten is gebaseerd op het waargebeurde verhaal van journalist Hans Knoop, die de waarheid achter de nog niet veroordeelde oorlogsmisdadiger Pieter Menten probeert te achterhalen. Deze zaak zorgde in de jaren 70 voor veel reuring in zowel de media als de politiek.  ...

woensdag 30 nov 2016
Bron:  WJC/YouTube - foto: een joodse familie in Lebanon voor 1948 [screenshot YouTube]

30 november is de "International Herdenkingsdag voor Joodse Vluchtelingen uit Arabische landen en Iran".

Kijk hier naar de getuigenissen van enkelen onder hen Video Link

"We disappeared." The story of Jewish refugees from Arab lands

The stories of the people who witnessed the end of Jewish life in their countries of origin, from Iraq to Libya, and were forced to start from scratch: the Jewish refugees from Arab lands.
Jewish presence in Arab countries long predates Islam and the Arab conquest of the Middle East and goes back to Biblical times. According to official statistics, over 850,000 Jews were forced to leave their homes in Arab countries between 1948 and the early 1970s. Today, there are fewer than 7,000 Jews left. 

Watch the testimonies here: Video Link

woensdag 23 nov 2016
Bron:  Gatestone Institute - foto: een panel kopie van de Boog van Titus, weergegeven in het Beth Hatefutsoth museum in Israël. [Wikimedia Commons / Sodabottle]

In Rome, any present-day tourist can behold, on the ancient Arch of Titus, the engraved likeness of the Jewish candelabra (Menorah), which the Romans brought back from Jerusalem after ransacking the Jewish Temple. Pictured: Photo of a panel copy from the Arch of Titus, displayed in the Beth Hatefutsoth museum in Israel. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons/Sodabottle)"The Atrocious Scandal of the UNESCO Vote on Jerusalem" by Salim Mansur - Gatestone Institute 

  • It was over the ruins of these sacred Jewish sites, left behind by the Romans, that Arab conquerors of Jerusalem in the seventh century built two mosques, the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa, to lay claim on the City of David for Islam.
  • There can be no dispute about Jewish links with Jerusalem, and Jewish rights to their sacred sites that long pre-date the arrival of Arabs bearing Islam to the City of David. This latest effort by the UNESCO, however to deny the Jewish nature of Jerusalem is much more than a scandal; it is a Stalinist measure to airbrush history by an organization which, according to its own charter, is supposed to be devoted without prejudice to the preservation of historical records.
  • There is precedent for such a resolution to nullify the recent UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem. In December 1991, the UN General Assembly voted to repeal the UN resolution passed in 1975 that declared, "Zionism is a form of racism."
  • Muslim denial of the Jewish links to the City of David and their ancestral rights over Judea and Samaria, or Palestine, is ironically contrary to the Word of God in their own sacred scripture.
  • Their claim on Jerusalem, or the holy land, on the basis of Islam is simply not found in the Quran. On the contrary, the Quran is explicit in addressing Jews as "children of Israel" and speaking of them, as in "Remember those blessings of Mine with which I graced you, and how I favoured you above all other people." (2:47)

woensdag 2 nov 2016
Bron:  iambalfour.org / cufi.org.uk / change-.org - foto: #IAmBalfour logo

#IAmBalfour logo #IAmBalfour – Declaring 100 Years of Britain's Support for Israel

The Balfour Declaration, published on 2 November 1917, was a letter addressed by Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour that proclaimed Britain would support the establishment of "a national home for the Jewish people". This declaration paved the way for Israel to be reborn as a nation.

In September 2016, the Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas told the UN General Assembly that Britain should apologise for the Balfour Declaration. To attack Israel's very existence is at its root anti-Semitic. And in October 2016, anti-Israel activists launched a campaign to pressure the UK Government to apologise.

#IAmBalfour is a year-long campaign, starting on the 99th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which provides supporters of Israel around the world with an opportunity to declare solidarity with Britain's 100 year support of Israel, seeks to raise awareness and urges the UK Government to uphold its commitment to Israel and the Jewish people – without apology. ...

maandag 31 okt 2016
Bron:  Le Soir / De dagelijkse Standaard - foto: artikel in Le Soir

carte blanche Le Soir A. Guigui over JeruzalemHierbij een kopie van het opinieartikel van Opperrabbijn van Brussel Albert Guigui in de franstalige krant Le Soir op 22 oktober 2016 nav de stemming van Unesco over de Tempelberg en Jeruzalem waarmee zij de Joodse identiteit van Jeruzalem ondermijnen.

Link volledig artikel "Pour Jérusalem, je ne me tairai pas"

... "Dans l'ensemble de cette résolution, l'Unesco fait référence au Kotel (Mur des lamentations) sous le nom de Al-Buraq Plaza. Alors que Jérusalem ne figure pas une seule fois dans le Coran, Jérusalem apparaît dans le texte biblique pas moins de 660 fois. " ...

"Pourquoi n'entendons-nous pas la voix de nos frères chrétiens dénoncer cette atteinte honteuse à l'histoire juive et chrétienne? Pourquoi le souverain pontife reste étrangement muet? Ce sont pourtant les fondements de la civilisation judéo-chrétienne qui sont remis en cause."...

zondag 23 okt 2016
Bron:  Unesco.org - foto: UNESCO hoofd Irina Bokova

UNESCO hoofd Irina BokovaUNESCO head Irina Bokova:'The heritage of Jerusalem is indivisible, and each of its communities has a right to the explicit recognition of their history and relationship with the city'

Statement by the Director-General of UNESCO on the Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls, a UNESCO World Heritage site

Paris, 14 October—"As I have stated on many occasions, and most recently during the 40th session of the World Heritage Committee, Jerusalem is the sacred city of the three monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is in recognition of this exceptional diversity, and this cultural and religious coexistence, that it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

"The heritage of Jerusalem is indivisible, and each of its communities has a right to the explicit recognition of their history and relationship with the city. To deny, conceal or erase any of the Jewish, Christian or Muslim traditions undermines the integrity of the site, and runs counter to the reasons that justified its inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage list. ...

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