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dinsdag 16 jan 2018
Bron:  Ynet / JCPA / Haaretz

"Europeanen wilden de Joden hierheen brengen om hun belangen in de regio te behouden." ...

Leugens, negationisme, antisemitisme, geschiedvervalsing, een aanval op VS President Trump, enz... niets ontbrak tijdens de toespraak van PA President Abbas in Ramallah vorige zondag.

PA President Abbas: 'Israel a colonial project, has nothing to do with Jews'  (Ynet)

Gloves come off during meeting of PLO's Central Council surrounding US recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital, with PA President Abbas launching scathing attack against President Trump over decision to cut aid: 'May your house come to ruin. The deal of the century has become the slap in the face of the century.'; 'Israel a colonial project that has nothing to do with Jews,' Abbas adds; Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad boycott conference. ...

zondag 31 dec 2017
Bron:  Mosaic Magazine

Honderd jaar geleden, tijdens een lunch, werd de internationalisering van Jeruzalem niet meer relevant - en dat blijft zo. - Martin Kramer

"The Fantasy of an International Jerusalem"
One-hundred years ago, over a lunch, the internationalization of Jerusalem became irrelevant—and it remains so. 

In the uproar over President Trump's announcement of U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, one constant refrain has been the insistence that, by longstanding international consensus, the city's status has yet to be decided. In the portentous words of the recent UN General Assembly resolution protesting the American action, "Jerusalem is a final-status issue to be resolved through negotiations in line with relevant United Nations resolutions."

The most "relevant" of those prior resolutions was the November 1947 resolution proposing partition of Palestine and envisaging, in addition to two independent states, one Arab and one Jewish, an entirely separate status for Jerusalem as a city belonging to no state but instead administered by a "special international regime."  ...


donderdag 14 dec 2017
Bron:  Algemeiner / Sean Durns JNS.ORG

"How UNESCO Encourages Antisemitism"

In October, the US State Department notified the director-general of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) that America would be withdrawing from the UN body.

The US cited the need for fundamental reform, mounting arrears and a "continuing anti-Israel bias" at the organization. But the problem is much deeper: UNESCO denies Israel's very right to exist, a fact that its defenders would do well to acknowledge if they are serious about reforming the agency.

In recent commentaries in The Hill and elsewhere, some have obfuscated UNESCO's efforts to delegitimize the Jewish state. Commentators such as Dan Wagner, a special adviser to the UNESCO director-general, have minimized the organization's troubling agenda, stating: "When it comes to Israel and some other hot-button political issues, the majority of UNESCO member nations and the U.S. have sometimes found themselves on opposite sides."

The reason? "Because UNESCO — as the US insisted at its founding — is a fully democratic body that gives each member nation a single vote," according to Wagne, so "the majority truly does rule." Yet this omits the fact that the majority of UNESCO member nations have engaged in, or passively enabled, efforts to single out Israel. That this is done via "majority rule" hardly makes it any better, as the history of antisemitism at UNESCO regrettably illustrates. ...

dinsdag 12 dec 2017
Bron:  Twitter

Gelezen op Twitter:

By Joshua Sharf:

"Let me get this straight.

Syria's got a civil war. Iraq's got a civil war. Lebanon is being slowly digested by Hezbollah. Yemen's got a civil war. ISIS is operating in Egypt. Hamas is doing what Hamas does. The Palestinians are paying people to stab Jews. Libya is butchering Nigerian slaves. (Re-read that one.) Iran is building nukes to go on their missiles. Iran is trying to subvert Bahrain.

BUT Trump is going to set the region aflame.


dinsdag 12 dec 2017
Bron:  US Department of State/YouTube / JTA - foto: Nikki Haley at UN about Jeruzalem - Dec 8 2017 - screenshot YouTube

Nikki Haley at UN about Jeruzalem - Dec 8 2017 - screenshot YouTubeTijdens de VN-sessie over Jeruzalem op 8 december l.l. zegt Amerikaanse VN-ambassadeur Nikki Haley dat de erkenning van de VS de vrede bevordert - bekijk hier de video: US Department of State YouTube Video

Ambassador Nikki Haley, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, delivers remarks at a UN Security Council meeting on the "U.S. Decision to Move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem" in New York City on December 8, 2017.

"At UN session on Jerusalem, Nikki Haley says recognition advances peace"

At a special discussion at the United Nations Security Council about U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said the move improves the chance of reaching a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

"We must recognize that the prospect of peace is advanced, not set back," by President Donald Trump's move Wednesday, Haley said Friday at the meeting at the UN headquarters in New York City. ...

zondag 10 dec 2017
Bron:  Algemeen Dagblad / Hans Knoop - foto: Peter Sagan leading Israel’s first pro cycling team [M.I. Sellem/The Jerusalem Post]
Peter Sagan leading Israel’s first pro cycling team . (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)Volgend jaar gaat de Giro d'Italia van start in Jeruzalem. De 3000 jaar oude stad van Koning David en de eeuwige hoofdstad van het volk en de staat Israël.

Afgelopen week erkenden de Verenigde Staten Jeruzalem als hoofdstad van de Joodse staat. Dat was voor mij niet nodig geweest. Decennialang al bezoeken buitenlandse regeringsleiders die stad.

De facto is Jeruzalem al sinds de oprichting van Israël voor de hele wereld de hoofdstad. Tot 1967 was dat West-Jeruzalem en na de Zesdaagse Oorlog de hele stad, nadat Jordanië uit het oostelijk deel was verdreven. Jeruzalem was tot 1967 het Berlijn van het Midden-Oosten. Een door prikkeldraad en wachttorens verdeelde stad. Tijdens de Zesdaagse Oorlog verspeelde Jordanië Oost-Jeruzalem en werd de stad herenigd. In die ongedeelde stad gaat volgend jaar de Giro d'Italia van start.

Volgens Thijs Zonneveld (column AD 1-12) dient die wielerrace als een soort schaamlap die de bezetting en onderdrukking van de Palestijnen moet maskeren. Israël heeft daar diep voor in de buidel getast. Met sport, laat staan verbroedering, heeft dat alles volgens de wielerdeskundige niets te maken. Ik zal de laatste zijn die ontkent dat het binnenhalen van de start van de Giro een marketingdoel dient. Gold dat niet ook voor de start van de Tour de France in Utrecht?  ...

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