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dinsdag 23 jun 2015
Bron:  JPost / SPME.org - foto: Premier Benjamin Netanyahu en Jose Maria Aznar, voormalige Spaanse Premier in juni 1998 [REUTERS]

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) confers with Jose Maria Aznar, the former prime minister of Spain, during their joint press conference, June 29, 1998 [REUTERS]"BDS movement seeks to empty Israel of Jews", former Spanish PM says - JPost

Jose Maria Aznar shares his thoughts on the boycott movement and his vision for Israel to be an integral part of the West.

"...Amid the controversy surrounding the CEO of Orange's statement regarding the curtailing of his company's business in Israel, Aznar agreed to speak with The Jerusalem Post's Hebrew-language sister publication Maariv-Hashavua in order to express his steadfast objection to the BDS movement.

"I think BDS is an unfair, discriminatory movement based on a moral double standard that is, in the final analysis, anti-Semitic," Aznar told Maariv.

"Declaring its aim to put pressure on the Israel government, BDS is in fact trying to harm every Israeli citizen and not only the government. In reality what BDS wants is to make life in Israel intolerable so the Jewish nation will not be able to have a normal existence in its state. BDS does not only want to change the government's policy, it wants to empty the country of Jews," Aznar said. ..."

vrijdag 19 jun 2015
Bron:  JPost / Le Petit Hebdo - foto: Britse Handels-secretaris Sajid Javid [Wikipedia]

Britse Handels-secretaris Sajid Javid"New UK business minister vows to expand trade with Israel, slams BDS" - JPost

"I do not believe in boycotts, nor, I am proud to say, does my party, my prime minister or, for the most, part my country."

Newly appointed Business Secretary Sajid Javid condemned Britain's National Union of Students on Monday for supporting a boycott of Israel, declaring bluntly that the group's recent move to join the BDS movement was not only an isolated view, but one that the government and most of the country did not share.

Addressing UK Israel Business – the bilateral chamber of commerce between the two nations – at its annual awards dinner, Javid added that the student union's rejection of a motion calling for a boycott of Islamic State last year "spoke volumes."...

donderdag 23 apr 2015
Bron:  Arutz7/israelnationalnews.com - foto: journalist Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meotti"Op-Ed: Why Israel is the World's Best Nation" By Giulio Meotti - Arutz 7

With all the accusations hurled at us, it is good to see a "righteous Gentile" who appreciates the uniqueness of Israel in the family of nations.

I don't know another nation on earth which since its founding, than seventy years ago, had to sacrifice 23,000 soldiers.

I don't know another nation on earth without recognized borders.

I don't know another nation on earth whose population lives under a perpetual emotional strain.

I don't know another nation on earth threatened to be wiped off the map.

I don't know another nation on earth so threatened by boycotts all over the world.

I don't know another nation on earth where the winners tend to lose wars.

I don't know another nation on earth which provides its own enemy with water, electricity, food, weapons, and medical treatment. ...

dinsdag 21 apr 2015
Bron:  Washington Post - Foto: Natan Sharansky

Natan Sharansky [Washington Post]"When did America forget that it's America?" Washington Post - April 17 2015 - By Natan Sharansky 

On a number of occasions during the negotiations over Iran's nuclear program, the Israeli government has appealed to the United States and its allies to demand a change in Tehran's aggressive behavior. If Iran wishes to be treated as a normal state, Israel has said, then it should start acting like one. Unfortunately, these appeals have been summarily dismissed. The Obama administration apparently believes that only after a nuclear agreement is signed can the free world expect Iran to stop its attempts at regional domination, improve its human rights record and, in general, behave like the civilized state it hopes the world will recognize it to be.

As a former Soviet dissident, I cannot help but compare this approach to that of the United States during its decades-long negotiations with the Soviet Union, which at the time was a global superpower and a existential threat to the free world. The differences are striking and revealing. ...

donderdag 16 apr 2015
Bron:  JPost - foto: EU remembers holocaust victims [EUROPEAN UNION]

EU remembers holocaust victims [EUROPEAN UNION]Vandaag, 70 jaar na het einde van de Shoah, herdenken de Joodse gemeenschappen overal ter wereld de tragedie en de gruwel die zijzelf en hun families tijdens de Holocaust hebben moeten verduren.

Aan het Memoriaal van de Joodse Martelaars uit België te Anderlecht heeft vandaag om 18u30 een herdenkingsplechtigheid plaats die wordt voorafgegaan door het aflezen van de namen van onze dierbaren die niet konden ontsnappen aan de gruwel van de Holocaust.

Helaas, is in 2015 de toestand in België en in Europa verre van positief, en het antisemitisme is weer sterk in opmars.

Lees hierover o.a. het artikel van Sam Sokol dat gisteren gepubliceerd werd in Jerusalem Post: "Seventy years after the Holocaust, European Union says never again"

"There are Jewish communities in Europe that again feel insecure and we have been sadly reminded that violent anti-Semitism, intolerance and fanaticism remain a threat, " EU says.

The European Union issued a strong message of intolerance for anti-Semitism on Wednesday prior to the onset of the Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Day. ...

woensdag 15 apr 2015
Bron:  Hans Knoop/FJO - Foto: (vlnr.) Philippe Markiewicz, Frans Timmermans (EC), Hans Knoop (FJO), Eli Ringer (FJO) en Michel Gourary
Foto: vlnr Philippe Markiewicz, Frans Timmermans (EC), Hans Knoop (FJO), Eli Ringer (FJO) en Michel GouraryJoodse delegatie vraagt Eerste Vice-President Europese Commissie Frans Timmermans om aanstelling EU-Gezant ter bestrijding Antisemitisme

Een delegatie heeft dinsdag in een onderhoud met de eerste vice-president van de Europese Commissie Frans Timmermans bepleit een specifieke commissaris of een nog te benoemen gezant te belasten met de bestrijding van het antisemitisme in de EU.

De delegatie bestond uit Eli Ringer (ere-voorzitter van het Forum der Joodse Organisaties), Hans Knoop (media-woordvoerder inzake Israël van het Forum der Joodse Organisaties), Philippe Markiewicz (voorzitter van de Grote Europese Synagoge in Brussel) en de heer Michel Gourary (coördinator en consultant der Joodse gemeenschappen in de EU).

In het een uur durend onderhoud deelde vice-president Timmermans de bezorgdheid van de delegatie over het groeiend antisemitisme in Europa. Nadrukkelijk onderkende de heer Timmermans dat naast de klassieke Jodenhaat ook achter anti-zionisme en malicieuze kritiek op de staat Israël niet zelden antisemitisme schuil gaat. ...

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