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maandag 16 sep 2013

joods huwelijksceremonieMel Gibson's Daughter Marries a Jewish Man - Sep 10, 2013 -The Daily Currant.com

The daughter of actor and noted anti-Semite Mel Gibson married a devout Jewish man over the weekend.In a ceremony Saturday at the Temple Emmanuel of Beverly Hills, 36-year-old Mary-Catherine Regina Gibson married 42-year-old Ezekiel Sharon, a prominent record producer.

The couple has been secretly engaged for two years and are planning a long honeymoon in the south of France before meeting up with relatives in Israel. Mary-Catherine has reportedly already converted to Judaism. ...

woensdag 11 sep 2013
Bron:  Tabletmag.com - foto: anti-joodse slogans tijdens een betoging in Libië op 7 okt. 2011. (Marco Longari/AFP/Getty Images)
anti-joodse pamfletten tijdens betoging in Libië okt 2011 (Marco Longari/AFP/Getty Images)"Why Literally Everyone in the World Hates the Jews, and What To Do About It"

Two new scholarly books show how even the most neutral academic can feel bound to answer anti-Semites' demonic vigor in kind - By David Mikics - September 4, 2013 - tabletmag.com

In many parts of the world, Jews are increasingly unwelcome in the 21st century. The number of countries in which wearing visibly Jewish clothing such as a kippa means risking physical violence has hit an all-time high. On both the individual and the national level, Jews are targeted with extraordinary ferocity: We hear Israelis (but no one else) being compared to Nazis; we are told that Jewish nationalism is oppressive and archaic; that Israel is a uniquely racist country; that Israel's terrible misdeeds explain why people hate Jews. Instead of being seen as ordinary or all too human, Jews are seen as carriers of a uniquely transcendent evil. No other group of people on the planet is accused so much and of such fantastic wrongs. For a few decades after the Holocaust, it seemed that anti-Semitism might wane or even die out. That hope has now been defeated. Could anything we do or say stem the tide, or will Jew-hatred persist as long as there are Jews to hate? ...

woensdag 4 sep 2013
Bron:  YouTube - foto: Szegedi Csanád (screenshot)

Szegedi Csanád (YouTube screenshot)Crisis of Conscience: Anti-Semite Learns He's a Jew

What do you do when you learn you're the very thing you hated? CBN News reports from Budapest on one man's crisis and amazing transformation.

Published on Aug 6, 2013

YouTube video


dinsdag 3 sep 2013
Bron:  The Algemeiner- foto: anti-Semitic illustration on "The Untold History" Facebook page [Facebook]

An anti-Semitic illustration on "The Untold History" Facebook page. Photo: Facebook."Facebook Fails to Enforce 'Community Standards' for Vile Anti-Semitic Page" - The Algemeiner - Autor David Fischler JNS.org

Facebook is the world's largest social media website, one with hundreds of millions of users in well over a hundred countries. Despite its size, however, Facebook is not an entirely public forum on which "anything goes." Rather, it is a worldwide gathering place where certain forms of speech and certain kinds of images are not allowed. ...

...I was recently pointed in the direction of a Facebook page entitled The Untold History, run by a group out of Sweden that calls itself the European Knights Project, a partner of the Institute for Historical Review. On its masthead, it proclaims in all-caps that it is a "HISTORICAL SITE NON-POLITICAL," but this is a sham. It is, in fact, a Holocaust denial site that not only presents bogus and falsified history, but also traffics in the vilest sort of anti-Semitism. ...

dinsdag 27 aug 2013
Bron:  De Redactie/Belga
Facebook Like logo [Belga]Een man in Frankrijk kreeg van Facebook de suggestie om "Mein Kampf" te lezen, nadat hij enkele thrillers van Philip Kerr over de Tweede Wereldoorlog had aangevinkt als zijn favoriete lectuur. De man was hierover verbolgen en zijn verhaal kreeg veel weerklank in de Franse media. Facebook heeft nu beslist om "Mein Kampf" in Frankrijk te schrappen van zijn suggestielijst. ...

maandag 26 aug 2013
Bron:  Al Monitor - foto: Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Recep Tayyip Erdogan"Erdogan's Anti-Israel Remarks Reflect Broader Anti-Semitism in Turkey"  - By: Bar?n Kayao?lu for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse Posted on August 22.


A famous Turkic figure blasts Jews and Israel for their pernicious influence around the world. Americans respond in shock. Those who know the story are — somewhat nervously — giggling because they have seen it before. Our hero is not Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat, but Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who just blamed Israel for orchestrating the July 3 coup in Egypt.

Erdogan's evidence to prove his claim about the Israeli influence in the Egyptian coup is not a very strong one: it is a video of French author Bernard-Henri Levy attending a talk at Tel Aviv University (TAU) in June 2011 together with Tzipi Livni, ...

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