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vrijdag 2 aug 2013
Bron:  The Algemeiner

Vliegend varken met projectie van davidster tijdens concertEXCLUSIVE: SWC's Rabbi Cooper Responds to Roger Waters's Open Letter: 'He Needs a Reality Check'

Following the publication Thursday of Roger Waters's open letter responding to accusations of anti-Semitism leveled against him over an inflatable pig concert prop emblazoned with a Star of David being featured at one of his concerts, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, to whom the letter was addressed, told The Algemeiner that Waters needs "a reality check." 

"I'm representing an institution that represents the reality, not the cultural imagery, of anti-Semitism and Jew hatred. So whatever his motivation, it is the impact of the things he is doing: the images he uses, his affiliation with the BDS movement," said Cooper, who referred to Waters as an "open hater of Jews" after footage of the pig balloon was initially released. ...

donderdag 1 aug 2013
Bron:  The Algemeiner

Roger Waters [Wikipedia]Roger Waters Defends Himself Against Charges of Anti-Semitism: 'I Have Many Very Close Jewish Friends'

In an open letter published on his Facebook page, musician Roger Waters, a fierce anti-Israel advocate, responded to allegations made by Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center last week in an interview with The Algemeiner that Waters is an "open hater of Jews."

"Often I can ignore these attacks, but Rabbi Cooper's accusations are so wild and bigoted they demand a response," Waters begins his riposte, then, addressing Cooper directly, writes: "I hold your outburst to be inflammatory and un-helpful and would suggest it can only impede progress towards peace and understanding between people. It is also extremely insulting to me personally in that you accuse me of being 'Anti Semitic', 'A Jew Hater' and 'Nazi Sympathizer.'" ...

woensdag 31 jul 2013
Vliegend varken met projectie van davidster tijdens concertHet FORUM heeft klacht neergelegd bij het CGKR* en bij de betrokken federale instanties.
Dit incident wordt verder opgevolgd.
Wij houden onze lezers uiteraard verder op de hoogte.

vrijdag 26 jul 2013
Bron:  Ynet / JPost - op de foto: Hassan al-Haj (R), Maliad Farah [Bulgaria Interior Ministry]

Hassan al-Haj (R), Maliad Farah"Photos of Burgas attack suspects revealed" - Ynet 07.25.13

Bulgaria's interior ministry asks for public's help in finding Maliad Farah, Hassan al-Haj, whose involvement in terror attack which left five Israelis dead remains confidential.

The Bulgarian Interior Ministry released photographs of two men suspected of involvement in the Burgas attack last year, in which five Israelis and a Bulgarian citizen were killed.

The ministry asked for the public's help in finding the suspects, but refused to divulge additional details as to their role in the attack's execution....

donderdag 25 jul 2013
Bron:  Simon Wiesenthal Center / Ynetnews - op de foto: vliegend varken ballon met projectie van Davidster

Vliegend varken met projectie van davidster tijdens concertHet FORUM heeft kennis genomen van dit walgelijk incident. Wij gaan de nodige stappen ondernemen en hopen dat we dit op juridisch vlak sterk kunnen maken.
Wij houden onze lezers uiteraard verder op de hoogte.

Lees hier de communicatie van het Wiesenthal Center:
By Floating a Pig Balloon Stamped With Star of David at His Concert, Roger Waters Has Moved to the Front of the Line of Anti-Semites - July 24, 2013

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is denouncing former Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters for his recent performance in Belgium that, according to an Israeli concertgoer's account to YNET News, featured a giant pig balloon emblazoned with a Jewish Star of David floating above the audience. ....

woensdag 24 jul 2013

Gaza kids play soldierARTE JOURNAL - 14/07/13

Gaza : les "colos" du Hamas

A Gaza le Hamas propose a des centaines d'enfants et d'adolescents des centres aérés un peu particuliers. Il s'agit de véritables stages paramilitaires qui ont pour but avoué de préparer la jeunesse à la lutte armée. Des pratiques qui scandalisent les organisations de défense des droits de l'homme palestiniennes. Reportage de Stéphane Amar et Rami Aboujamous. ...

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