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dinsdag 25 jun 2013
Bron:  Israel21c.org - Foto: nota die bij Syrische patiënt lag [Channel 2 screenshot]

A Syrian doctor's note found attached to a patient. (photo credit: Channel 2 screenshot)Syrian doctor asks Israel to save man's life

Handwritten note addressed to Israeli physicians was attached to patient's clothes, explaining prior medical care and requesting life-saving treatment.

Israeli doctors at Ziv hospital in Safed (Tsfat) were surprised to find a handwritten note in Arabic, addressed to them, attached to the clothing of a badly wounded Syrian man brought to Israel for lifesaving treatment. The polite letter opened with "Hello distinguished surgeon" ...

vrijdag 21 jun 2013
Bron:  Ynetnews / BFM TV - foto AFP

Gaza kids play soldier"Gaza kids play 'kidnap Israeli soldier' in summer camp"

Islamic Jihad invites thousands of children to pick up AK-47, fight summer ennui in activities ranging from shooting practice, fire jumping, and IDF outpost attack - Elior Levy - Published: 06.12.13

In a somewhat unorthodox summer camp in the Gaza Strip, children aged between six and 16 picked up AK-47s and engaged in a series of quasi-military drills, including a lively game of "kidnap an Israeli soldier" in the sand dunes of Rafah.

An AFP correspondent listed some of the activities the Islamic Jihad summer camp offers its enrollees: Weapons use, jumping over fire and crawling under barbed wire, all performed to the tune of exploding charges.

donderdag 13 jun 2013
Bron:  De Redactie
Conflict in Syrië (ter illustratie)Sinds het begin van de burgeroorlog in Syrië ruim twee jaar geleden zijn al ruim 93.000 mensen omgekomen. Zeker 6.500 onder hen zijn kinderen. Maar volgens de Verenigde Naties, die het cijfer vandaag bekendmaakten, gaat het maar om het topje van de ijsberg. De Hoge Commissaris voor de Mensenrechten bij de VN roept de strijdende partijen met aandrang op tot een staakt-het-vuren. ...

dinsdag 11 jun 2013
Bron:  Honestreporting / CRIF - Foto: "Monalisaterrorist" - een foto uit de tentoonstelling "Death"

een foto uit de Death tentoonstelling "Outrage: Paris Museum Glorifies Palestinian Terrorists" - June 9, 2013 by Simon Plosker - Honestreporting

An outrageous new "art" exhibit, which refers to Israel as a "colonial power" and Palestinian terrorists as "fighters" and "victims of the Israeli military," has opened in a museum in Paris. Suicide bombers are referred to as "militants" who heroically set out to "assassinate Israelis."

According to the JTA, the exhibition of 68 photos entitled "Death" by Ahlam Shibli opened on May 28 at the Jeu de Paume museum of contemporary art in Paris. The museum is subsidized by the French government. ...

woensdag 5 jun 2013
Bron:  JPost - Foto: Courtesy Schneider Medical Center
Palestijns jongetje en zijn vader in Schneider Hospitaal na de transplantatie"Ten Year Old Palestinian Boy Saved by Israeli Doctors, Jewish Kidney Donor" [JPost]

Kidney of Israeli boy who suffered brain death saves Palestinian child; Peres: We are proud of your contribution to peace.

Sarit and Avi Naor, who donated a kidney from their son Noam to a 10-year-old Palestinian boy on dialysis for seven years, received a phone call from President Shimon Peres on Sunday. Noam suffered irreversible lower-brain death after falling from a fourth-story window in his home to the second floor below.

"This is one of the most moving contributions to peace. It exploded all prejudices," Peres told the parents....

vrijdag 31 mei 2013
Bron:  The Algemeiner - Op de foto: Hafeez Kasim

Hafeez Kasim"Muslims Combating Anti-Semitism"

A small, but increasingly vocal number of Muslims are rejecting radical hate speech and combating anti-Semitism in the Muslim world. In the recent Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism held this week in Jerusalem, Palestinian Media Watch director, Itamar Marcus and Dr. Boaz Ganor organized a panel discussion with Muslim activists actively rejecting hate rhetoric.

Two of the panel speakers included Kasim Hafeez, a British Muslim who runs The Israel Campaign and Rev. Majed El Shafie, a human rights advocate originally from Egypt. Ahmad Mansour, a Palestinian living in Berlin, who is a policy adviser for the European Foundation for Democracy, was also scheduled to speak but was unable to attend. ...

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